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This post is only for people who don’t like Duane Ludwig

This post is only for people who don’t like Duane Ludwig

Much ado has been made about Duane Ludwig’s alleged “stealing” of TJ Dillashaw from Team Alpha Male. Many are calling the duo shisters, snakes in the grass, and other mean things considering the general public doesn’t have all of the details. But still, this post is going to be made for everyone who subscribes to the “fuck Duane Ludwig” philosophy. 

Despite Duane coming in and making Team Alpha Male the most relevant and dominant in years, he didn’t spend much time with The Shirtless Friends of Sacramento, choosing to use derogatory terms describing homosexuality and misogynistic taunts to motivate them to winning. It worked, but it ruffled some feathers. A money argument later, and Duane was gone. Fuck him. He didn’t care. 

He didn’t want to take off his shirt.

No – he wasn’t in it for the comradery, he was here for Duane. Fuck Duane. Let’s watch him get beat up by BJ Penn! Yeah!


Stupid Duane. He sucks on the ground. Much better on the feet. But still, no match for Paul F’n Daley!


And finally, here’s a deep cut of Duane Ludwig’s career, losing to Sammy Morgan in less than a minute. LoL! Who? We can’t even embed this shit! You’ll have to click the link and you probably won’t even do that you care so little about Mr. Ludwig. Or should we call him, Duane.


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This post is only for people who think Duane Ludwig is awesome
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