This Fedor/Sakuraba magazine cover is everything

Have we gone back in time? Have we gone to the future? Is the now the perfect place to be? Sakuraba and Fedor will be fighting again in a mere few months, and that’s really all that matters. Yes, there are a 3-4 very big, very important fights coming in the UFC (can’t think of any in Bellator), but there’s something special about a New Years Eve show. Tape delay be damned. This is what MMA is all about – freakshows on holidays that aren’t really holidays but they mark an arbitrary passage of time and it’s a reason to party and wear silly hats, and that’s important.

And Fedor. And Sakuraba. Hell, and Aoki. 

If only the UFC didn’t suck, we could get a Barnett wrestling match or something… At least we have this. Hype — engaged!

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