This fan sincerely believes UFC Undisputed 2010 is racist

If you’re wondering why Clay Guida wasn’t included in the first UFC Undisputed then today is your day. Today, will be the day in which your day will be made. Clay Guida is so raw that THQ couldn’t put him in UFC Undisputed 2009 because he crashed the game every time he would appear on screen. Apparently Guida’s hair is so lethal that it caused collision detection issues in the game and THQ tried to pay him to cut his hair but he refused. That’s some conviction that could only come from a guy that roams the country in his RV. There’s absolutely nothing racist about that statement, but in the following video, this UFC Undisputed 2010 fans believes that the tutorial is racist and even goes so far as to call Dana White a ‘white supremacist’. [Source]

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