These Russian hip-hop artists made a music video entirely dedicated to Fedor Emelianenko

If this article could have written itself, I still would be in bed. One day my operating system will have enough artificial intelligence so I won’t have to have any. I would spend the rest of my life laying down motionless on my floor as vegan food was funneled into my mouth. Politics, money, relationships, television — it would all mean nothing to me. I would be content on being thoughtless while existing — in other words I would finally know what it’s like to be an anchor on FOX News.

Fedor doesn’t bother himself with that trivial nonsense. Stary Oskol, Russia is too busy training the youth of the city to kill bears with kitchen forks and developing clever ways how not to be ripped off by a prostitute. Those were both references to the Emelianenko brothers, by the way. Although I’m sure you already know since your entire life is consumed with Russian MMA. Now that you’re already in that scene, you might as well watch this video of Russian rappers talking about Fedor in their music video. Check it out.

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