The MMA vs. Boxing debate has now gone to the vloggers, and it’s getting pretty intense

In the geek world, The MMA vs. boxing debate is parallel to the great Star Wars vs. Star Trek argument that you’ve undoubtedly overheard in countless comic book shops over the years. At the heart of it all is a difference of two philosophies. However, the conspiracy theorist in me wants to believe different. Humans operate by polarizing everything in our universe. From the concept of ‘Good’ to ‘Evil’ and even the theory of ‘Liberal’ and ‘Conservative,’ segmenting our reality into two entities allows us to easily digest concepts by forcing us to pick one side while being vehemently against the other. If everything operated in shades of grey and indifference, our cognition would literally malfunction and we would be so preoccupied with cognitive analysis that nothing would get done in society. Now what if some shadowy, Illuminati-like organization created something that would get humanity polarized on a certain issue. Let’s take the concept of ‘Republican’ and ‘Democrat’ for example. While both sides are struggling to rip each other apart, we’re too preoccupied to actually see what’s being done to us. I think it was David Icke that once said ‘we are divided for the sole purpose of us never truly uniting.’ David Icke also said that trans-dimensional, shape-shifting reptilians are controlling the planet, so take it with a grain of salt.

Wow, look at that. I just tripped into the conspiracy theory rabbit hole and managed to crawl out just to tell you that the MMA vs. boxing debate that we’ve heard over the years has now hit the vlogosphere, and things are getting pretty intense.

If you’ve been in the combat sports world over the years, then I’m sure you’ve heard of Elie Seckbach. He’s the guy that’s literally taken the boxing world by storm though his guerrilla style reporting. Seckbach’s vocal samples were even featured in a Lil Wayne song that was created in honor of Kobe Bryant. After last week’s UFC 141, Seckbach cut a short vlog insisting that Brock Lesnar gave up during his fight with Alistair Overeem and that apparently in the boxing world, fighters ‘never quit.’


At the end of his video, Seckbach issued a challenge for anyone to respond to his bashing of MMA and his claim that the UFC ‘used’ Brock Lesnar. This morning, the vlogger that thousands of fans throughout the world voted in last year’s MiddleEasy Awards as the ‘Greatest Vlogger in MMA‘ not only responds to Elie Seckbach, but defends the UFC. Yes, you read that right. It wasn’t a typo. Check out what the infamous Bloodstain Lane said regarding the institute of mixed martial arts as compared to boxing.

Published on January 7, 2012 at 8:28 pm
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