MMA Rundown

Stephen A Smith Is Boxing’s Latest Hot Take Machine — And It’s the Worst

If you thought having Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe dropping MMA hot takes was bad, you have no idea how terrible boxing fans have it.

With more boxing on HBO cable, fans are going to be subjected to even more Stephen A. Smith takes. This is the new reality for fans of the the sweet science. After the upset decision for Jeff Horn over Manny Pacquiao, Smith calls out the judges by name for their decision, claims Dana White doesn’t have these types of bad decisions in the UFC, and isn’t sure if a judge is male or female. It’s Stephen A. being Stephen A. And it sucks.

His opinion is so uninformed that during their chat, Timothy Bradley seems visibly annoyed by Smith’s responses. At some put Bradley implies that Stephen’s ignorant opinion speaks for itself. It’s the most subtle shade you’ll ever see on Sportscenter. It’s nearly tragic they won’t release the footage.

Basically, Stephen A Smith is fondue fountain of manufactured outrage. He doesn’t know shit about most of the things he’s pretending to be upset about. That boxing fans have to be assaulted by so much false outrage from such an inauthentic voice is a failure of broadcasting. I leave you with this final S.A.S. outrage piece, and I will never again be acknowledging the existence of Stephen A. Smith.

Andrew Lawrence is a writer, podcaster, and jack of all trades. As long as that trade involves discussing people getting punched in the mouth. Expert analyst of extremely dumb decision making. Consistently snarky towards his betters. Find him throwing shade at local governments on Twitter (@TheClownKid). Diaz 1,2,5.