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Sponsor: Degree presents DO:MORE for U.S. Soccer.

Sponsor: Degree presents DO:MORE for U.S. Soccer.

Ever since I attended the 2014 LA Cannabis Cup, I’ve been out of deodorant, which has rendered my armpits to transform into this land of odorous irreparability. I’ve even tried taking soap directly to my pits, but all attempts have been futile. Quite frankly I need to see a doctor about this because in no way is this beneficial to interacting with the opposite sex. Heck, it won’t even help me communicate with the same species. Degree, now that you’re a sponsor on MiddleEasy please send over a box of your wonderful deodorant. I (along with a few of our readers) could probably use them.

Now, on to the sponsored message:

Degree presents DO:MORE for U.S. Soccer. Support U.S. Soccer as it heads to Brazil this summer. For your chance to win a trip to Brazil, go to!

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