SpilledBagofIce plops down and interviews Ian McCall about being a jokester and getting old

Even though he’s an anthropomorphic ziplock bag filled with fragments of never-melting ice mixed with some ice that indeed melted, he can still nab an interview here and there. So sit back, relax, and gently read this interview SBoI conducted inexplicably with Ian McCall. It’s good timing, because Ian fights Brad Pickett in Dublin tomorrow. See how this works?

When you and Brad first were matched up it seemed like you guys had a genuine dislike but it seems to have become more playful and fun. Was it ever serious?

I was always having fun with it. I think Brad misunderstood. We have mutual friends. We’ve never hung out, but we’ve met. But I was joking, I’m always joking. People get mad at me all the time and I just point out ‘This is twitter’. I make fun of you because I see an opening and I think it’s funny. I haven’t had the most illustrious career… You can make fun of me all you want. I don’t have feelings.

So, Brad wasn’t the first or last?

Perfect example, Rory MacDonald I made fun of him and he did the nerdiest thing possible and sent me the link to wikilinks for “idiot”. Can you be anymore of a fucking nerd? Then Urijah got mad at me for saying something about Alpha Male but I was being complimentary of TJ Dillashaw -but I was kinda giving a backhanded compliment. But that’s just how I work. If I really hurt your feelings, just text me and say ‘Hey, you’re a d**k’ and I’ll be like ‘I’m sorry’

Well, on social media if you don’t put ‘LOL’ or a winkyface people can’t interpret humor.

You know the horrible shit people say to me on twitter? People call me a murderer. Some lady the other day after I was on the Joe Rogan Podcast said I hate women and I’m promoting rape culture. What the fuck are you even talking about?! I love women. I don’t like to see them fight but I love women. I have a daughter. I train with Carla Esparza. But people are going to interpret things however they want. Just because I have some sort of public image and some tiny sliver of fame, I’m supposed to be held responsible for speaking my mind when other people do it all the time with no repercussions.

I dunno know about that. We’ve seen some fighters get in trouble for saying stuff.

Well, you know what I mean. And then she called me homophobic. I was like bitch do you know? Not to be the guy who’s like ‘Oh I have gay friends’ but I do have gay friends. I’ve kissed Antonio Banuelos on the mouth before! (laughs) I don’t care if you’re gay.

Well, I get that some people will be offended that you don’t like women fighting, that’s your opinion but the leap to rape culture and hating women? I listened to that podcast I certainly didn’t get that from you. But of course you also get trolls who just want the reaction.

Yeah. Some people just say things and I’m like ‘Wow! If I gave a shit about you, my day would be ruined’

So again you have to fight overseas. Does that bug you?

It’s starting to… (laughs) People think ‘Oh you’re gonna go to Ireland it’s gonna be so exciting, it’s so beautiful’ but I’m seeing other countries through a hotel window. I mean I hurl my body at other people as hard as I can. It’s not like I wanna go out and rage after. I’ll maybe hang out with some rowdy fans for an hour or two, drink a beer and then go to bed.

You’re getting old, Ian!

I am. I’m getting old and senile and I just wanna come home and hang out with my goddamn kid and my girlfriend and not talk to anybody. I wanna go move to Reno and live in seclusion.

So back to your fight with Brad. Can we expect to see any Capoeira?

If I throw something spinning in the fight it will be the first time -besides elbows. It’s all coming together but i need to start knocking guys out.

I’d be happy for you if you knocked him out in the first round but I’d be disappointed not to see the fight go longer.

Yeah, he’s an exciting fighter and this should be a fight to get a bonus. Now if I can get two bonuses…

Well, I can’t wait for the fight and I hope you guys keep up the social media banter. It seems Brad is having fun with it too -at least since the expo

Yeah, it’s a good time. It’s all in fun… for me at least.


Ireland, I’m comin’ for ya. I’m comin’ in hot! (laughs) I’m just gonna go there, beat up Brad real quick and then come home.

You’ve got this. Just… I mean I’m no Greg Jackson but I say: keep moving and keep your hands up!

Yeah, exactly.

Published on July 18, 2014 at 4:47 pm
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