Shaq Was Apparently Really Into Grappling Teammates… Nude…

Shaq is one of those guys who has made it known — for years — that he is a big MMA fan and would love for nothing more than to step into a ring and fight. Shaq has been training MMA (traning UFC?) for many years, but he’s never been able to find the time to make that MMA debut. Apparently his love for MMA heavily bled over into his day job in the NBA, though, sometimes with weird, gross consequences.

So what exactly happened?

According to his former coach Alvin Gentry, Shaq was not only well known for choking out a former teammate, but he also liked to practice his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu — of the no-gi sort — in the locker room. Apparently what would happen was Shaq would strip down completely naked, then rush someone in the locker room and grapple them to the ground, hoping for some competition. This was something that would happen regularly, too.

Not exactly what I’d consider no-gi, but it’s Shaq, so hey, whatever, right? If another Shaq Fu game is ever made this will have to be an easter egg.

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