Rashad Evans Guarantees That Cormier vs. Jones Trilogy At 265-Pound ‘Would Be A Lot Different Fight’

Jon Jones Daniel Cormier (Images Courtesy Of Instagram)

Rashad Evans Says Daniel Cormier Will Give Jon Jones A Hard Run At Heavyweight

Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier are two of the biggest rivals in the sports of MMA.

‘Bones’ and ‘DC’ have fought twice previously, with Jones winning the bout both times. In the first outing, Jones won via decision at UFC 182 back in 2015. Shortly after the victory, Jones ran into legal trouble which led the Cormier to fight for a vacant title and winning it.

‘DC’ held the gold for two years. They fought for the second time at UFC 214 back in 2017 where Jones dethroned Cormier via third-round KO; however, the results ruled to no contest after ‘Bones’ popped for a banned substance. Seems like a third run is possible before ‘DC’ walks away from MMA.

Jones received 15-month of reduced suspension and Cormier went on to defend the title once back in 2018 and then in July of same year defeated Stipe Miocic at heavyweight. Cormier forfeits the 205-pound gold due to inactivity in the division.

Jones returned last year despite a scandal of picogram incident and won the vacant light heavyweight title back after beating Alexander Gustafsson and afterward successfully defended against Anthony Smith.

Earlier this year Jones teases a move to heavyweight and seems ready to take on a challenge but needs more incentive from promotion to pull a trigger. However, considering Cormier’s perfect record at heavyweight, it’s a big risky decision for ‘Bones’ to fight at heavyweight.

The 2019 UFC Hall Of Fame inductee Rashad Evans also shared his analysis on potential Jones vs. Cormier trilogy and believes it’ll produce different results as compared to first two showdowns. (h/t BloodyElbow)

“I think if Jon Jones did fight DC at heavyweight it’d be a totally different fight. I think Jon Jones knows that, he is a very smart fighter,” Evans said. “I think he has a better chance of beating DC at 205 because when DC makes 205, it’s not only the fact that he’s gotta face Jon Jones’ skills — because that’s one thing in itself.”

“But then he has to worry about facing himself on a physical sense. How much did he deplete his body during the weight cut?” the former light heavyweight champion continued. “That seems to be what causes the damage later on in the fight when he can’t absorb a shot to the head because he doesn’t have enough fluid in his head because he’s dehydrated. That’s what happens when you cut too much weight.”

These are handicaps Cormier would not have in the heavyweight division. “At heavyweight he is a little bit more durable. He has this strength at heavyweight that he doesn’t have at 205,” Evans assured. “It’d be interesting to see the matchup at heavyweight because I guarantee it’d be a lot different fight.”

We agree with Rashad’s assessment on Jones vs. Cormier third bout at heavyweight, but it’s hard to bet at this moment, after all, Jon is the greatest pound for pound fighter of all time.

“DC” is currently set to meet Stipe Miocic in a rematch at UFC 241. In the meantime, Jones is slated to face Thiago Santos at UFC 239.

Early predictions? Who’ll win if two old rivals throwdown for the third time at heavyweight?

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1 thought on “Rashad Evans Guarantees That Cormier vs. Jones Trilogy At 265-Pound ‘Would Be A Lot Different Fight’”

  1. In general, Evans statement is true but lets take a look at each of DC and JBJ walk around weight. Most recently JBJ stated he walks around between 235 to 240 lbs. This is up a bit due to maturing and age plus weight training he has done over the years. While DC last weigh in against Stipe was 246 lbs. There really isn’t that much difference between the two fighters. Granted both fighters will not have cut down and be fully refreshed for their fight. We all have seen DC fight at heavyweight and we have seen his power and skill on display against the heavyweight division but we haven’t seen JBJ fight at heavyweight yet.
    I think most individuals can invasion DC at heavyweight but have a difficult time invasioning what JBJ would look like and how he would perform. Both fighters would be at their best with a slight weight difference
    about 6 lbs towards DC. JBJ will be at full physical strength at 240 lbs. The height and reach advantages will still go towards JBJ. It is a little dangerous for both fighters because they aren’t cutting any weight.
    JBJ could have a bigger risk of being taken down by DC but we could then see JBJ show his bottom grappling game (from his Gaidojutsu black belt from Jackson to his blue belt from Roberto Alencar). No one has ever seen JBJ long extend ground game on his back. Lets just say…we all might be surprise at his skill level there. We know, his top game is outstanding and DC doesn’t want to have JBJ on top of him. We have already seen that before.
    So much time has gone by, JBJ stand up continues to improve. Accuracy of strikes with his hands (boxing) but not just there. His elbows, knees and leg kicks are all being used at a higher level each time JBJ has faced DC.
    I will grant you that DC has gotten better. The 2nd fight between JBJ and DC was DC at his best. DC had never looked better physically. DC was the quickest he had ever look in a fight and threw some great shots at JBJ. The judges had it: One judge had it 2 rounds to zero for JBJ going into the 3rd round. The other 2 judges had it one round a piece going into the 3rd round. The first 2 round were really good combative fighting on for both fighters. The bottom line is, even if DC had survived the 3rd round, it would have been 10-8’s or possibly a 10-7 with one of two Judges.
    DC has great cardio for a big heavyweight but his cardio is lacking when it comes to JBJ. DC even stated in their first fight that he took a round off because he was getting tired.
    In a 3rd fight, both fighters will have a full gas tank and the question is whose tank will last? DC has to attack JBJ. The height and reach difference dictates that DC must come forward and he will have to set a high pace to be able to move within striking range. JBJ will continue to set up traps and chip away at DC in the first two rounds. All the kicks DC will receive (calf, thigh, teak, body…and head kicks) will all be on display and not to mention knees, elbows and hand strikes. DC has a very difficult task and he will put up a challenge.
    If and when this fight happens later this year, JBJ will be 32 and DC at 40 years old, I believe we will see even a higher level of skill from JBJ. These are JBJ peak years, best cardio, improving physical strength, full spectrum of expressing skills learned. These are the same years where Anderson Silva showed his mastery over his challengers.
    In June 28, 2006 Anderson Silva came into the UFC with a 17-4 pro record and defeat Chris Leban. Anderson was 31 years old and with his best years to come. JBJ is sitting in the same position as Anderson was but JBJ is even better! Now, this is just my opinion but I believe we will all be surprise by JBJ transition into the heavyweight division. He will carry all that is has now and continue to improve plus with some weight training, he will level off at about 245 to 250 lbs (maybe a bit higher). He will take his striking and wrestling/grappling to that next level.
    The biggest of guy will not have much of a chance because he will push their cardio to the limit and out strike them everywhere. The slow non-mobile, poor cardio heavyweight will change because of JBJ. This is happening in all other sports. The big pro football lineman of the past has change in the NFL. Look at the heavyweight boxers, they are much more agile than the fighters before them. The wrestling that DC came from, heavyweights are much more mobile and wrestle like smaller weight.

    Example of this is 18 year old USA heavyweight Gable Stevenson (6’0″ 250 lbs) just
    defeated Adam Coon 24yrs 6’5″ cuts from 295 lbs to make 275 lbs for freestyle and 285 lbs for Greco weight limits. Coons is one of the strongest men to wrestle heavyweight for the US world teams where he placed 2nd (Silver Medal) at the World Championships in Greco. Coon was also 2nd qualifier in freestyle behind Nick Gwiazdowski who took 3rd place (bronze medal) in the last 2 world freestyle championships.

    The point I am making is heavyweights competing in combat sports are getting much more mobile. They fight or compete much like the lower weight athletes. I believe JBJ is that changing of the guard for the MMA heavyweight division. At 6’4″ with 84 1/2″ reach and potentially a 250 lbs plus fighter with superior striking and grappling plus cardio for days comparing to most heavyweights. He is becoming to prototype
    MMA heavyweight fighter of the future. The big heavyweights of the past will have to to be mobile, be multiple dimensional in their skills sets and have cardio to sustain their abilities to fight. Johnny Walker is
    another example of a up coming fighter that fits that prototype. Johnny Walker at 6’6″ and 82″ reach is also
    someone who could and maybe a future heavy weight in time. These are the guys that will be coming!


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