One-armed fighter Joshua Rector wins again, this time by REAR NAKED CHOKE! What!

Last year we told you about Joshua Rector and how he made his MMA debut and caught his opponent with an armbar — while only using one arm. It’s not that Rector was trying to show off, but he really didn’t have a choice. The dude only has one arm and we haven’t been able to ask him what happened. It’s not really that insensitive of a question — if a guy somehow fought with three arms we would have relatively the same conversation. Oh, and we don’t have some fetish with appendages, if that’s even a thing. While we’re one the topic of one-armed human beings, someone should write a thesis on why Aeon Flux creator Peter Chung chose to place an enormous amount of individuals missing limbs in his cartoons. The world needs to know.

I have two arms and spend most of the day wasting them by pushing the Y button really hard on my Xbox controller. I do other things with them, obviously — I mean I am typing this. However both of my limbs seem somewhat futile when Joshua Rector only needs one arm to tap his opponent out via rear naked choke at Blackout Fighting Championship 16. Check it out and props to @ChrisGregoryMMA for the find.

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