Video: Not only did 12-year-old Momo win her MMA debut she choked that 24-year-old unconscious

Icing on the cake. For most 12-year-old preteens it’s scientifically impossible to have haters. You’re in middle school, you’re body is going through a lot of changes and impeding teen life is about to get weird.

For 12-year-old mixed martial arts rookie Momo, her in-cage debut not only attracted worldwide attention but also a fair amount of hand quote signs haters. After a few months of controversy, Momo’s MMA rookie voyage for the DEEP Jewels promo took place over the weekend in Japan and the preteen absolutely waxed the floor with her 24-year-old adult opponent.

Takedown, outgrapple, then rear naked choke until she’s asleep. Momo is the truth and now you have to see it for yourself in the video clips below.

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