New Video: Because MMA, in Colorado a 68 year old Grandma got TKO’d by a 24 year old fighter

If you thought Bellator had the biggest freak show fight of the weekend you would be dead wrong. Thank you Sparta Combat League for booking 68 year old Grandmother Ann Perez de Tejada in an actual MMA fight inside a cage. This is Sparta….where senior citizens get punched out from full mount.

24 year old Laura Dettman didn’t go easy on Perez de Tejada at all. In Sparta Combat League the elderly get no special treatment if they don’t have a grappling game off their back. Be inspired, and then go hug your own Grandmother and be happy she isn’t getting punched in the face by a woman under the age of 25 in Colorado.

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Posted by Shell Shock MMA on Saturday, February 20, 2016

It was amazing to be apart of some positive MMA history this weekend! Ann Perez de Tejada Laura Dettman Jeff Cisneros Grudge Training Center

Posted by Amanda Armstrong on Saturday, February 20, 2016

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