Video: Neil Magny Does Not Like German Food

Ahead of UFC Hamburg, the UFC got Neil Magny to sit down and get acquainted with some good, ol’ fashioned Germany cuisine. This stuff didn’t look like anything you’d see at Oktoberfest. Magny wasn’t trying some brats washed down with a nice Hefeweizen. Someone at UFC must not like Magny too much, because those are delicious and they did my man wrong.

Fried herring, cooked pork in lard, herring in jelly, pork in jelly… why the hell does Germany put a bunch of meat in gel? Magny tried to choke down some of this food and ends up taking L’s nearly every dish he tackles. Even the “candy” was made to gross Magny out, it was pile of salty, black licorice. At least he got to eat a cinnamon danish.

Check out Magny taste-testing German food below.

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