Mike Perry Names His Price To Bare Knuckle Box Paige VanZant

Mike Perry names a price for how much money it would take for him to have a bare knuckle boxing fight against Paige VanZant

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Paige VanZant is just mere days away from making her bare knuckle boxing debut, at BKFC’s upcoming Knucklemania event. It seems that Mike Perry would be down to fight her in BKFC too, if the price is right.

Time and time again, Perry has proven himself to be an odd character inside the world of MMA. When he is sober, he is known to say and do bizarre things, and that seems to only get amplified when alcohol is involved.

To be fair, this is not always a good thing, and has led him into some trouble. However his quirky personality has endeared him to some fans, who like his antics, as well as his fighting style in the cage.


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Mike Perry Would Bare Knuckle Box PVZ

It seems that Mike Perry is a fan of Paige VanZant. The UFC welterweight is apparently supporting the former UFC fighter, as she makes her Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship debut this weekend.

However it seems that Mike is down to do more than just watching PVZ compete. Taking to his Twitter, he revealed that for the simple price of a quarter million dollars, he will box Paige in bare knuckle.

I’ll fight @paigevanzant bare knuckle for 250k ? Otherwise it’s not worth the risk!”

Now obviously Mike is saying this in jest, and there is an element of comedy here. Although it is worth noting that for a guy who has been accused of domestic violence, it is in a little bit of poor taste to make a joke about fighting a woman.

Either way, Mike Perry is clearly trying to do better in his life, especially now that he has a kid. Plus Paige is going to have her knuckles full with her debut against Britain Hart this weekend, at Knucklemania.

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