Mike Perry Has Apparent Breakdown, Cuts Himself Kicking In Glass Door (GRAPHIC)

After a string of concerning social media posts, UFC welterweight Mike Perry kicked a glass door, resulting in a gruesome cut

Mike Perry
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There have been a ton of different concerning moments involving the UFC’s Mike Perry. Another such circumstance arose recently that ended with Platinum taking a trip to the hospital.

When it comes to his time inside the Octagon, fans can’t help but love Perry. He has an all-action style, and whether he wins or loses, it is always an exciting contest to watch.

That being said, the things he does outside the cage are what has many people concerned. Whether it be his use of the n-word, or scary allegations of domestic abuse from his ex, there have been a ton of concerning moments. 


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Mike Perry Goes On A Rampage

The Instagram Stories of Mike Perry painted a bit of a concerning tale on Sunday night. After going off on Twitter about how fans suck and should give him money for photos, he was seen trying to sell a pair of watches.

Then things took a dark turn in the evening time, as an apparently intoxicated Mike kicked through the glass in a door. This led to a pretty serious cut on his ankle, leaving him gushing blood.

You can check out the video below, but be warned that it is a bit graphic.

Shortly after this, Perry returned to Twitter with a message. Here he said some more words that caused concern, which even led to fans reaching out to his soon-to-be baby momma Latory, to ensure that they were okay.

“No matter what I do it’s never enough. So I act out. Happy to spill my own blood.”

As concerning as this was, you may take solace in the fact that Mike eventually made it to the hospital. A subsequent upload to his Stories saw him getting stitched up by a doctor.

It is hard to tell what could be going on with Mike Perry at this point in time. However whatever his problems are, hopefully he gets the help that he needs soon.

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