Mark Hunt vs. Bigfoot Silva is a fight the universe can believe in

Hunt Bigfoot. Get it? See Bigfoot is actually an ape-like creature, or Sasquatch, that some people believe inhabit the forests of Northern California. Existence of Bigfoot is still up for debate, despite a numerous amount of blurry footage humanity has. Oh, and ‘Hunt’ is actually the verb that is used when someone is perceived as a predator of a prey. It can also mean to attempt to discover an object that has remained hidden from plain sight. When you apply the verb ‘hunt’ to ‘Bigfoot,’ it literally means to ‘hunt Bigfoot.’ That was the joke.

According to MMAFighting, Bigfoot Silva and Mark Hunt have agreed to headline a UFC event in Australia in a five-round fight that will be held on December 21st. I’m not sure if the planet’s acoustics are designed to absorb the sound that will be created if Mark Hunt’s overhand right catches Bigfoot Silva’s gargantuan jaw. I’m imagining it’s the sound the big bang made shortly before the universe was created.

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