Marcin Tybura Superb Takedown Accuracy Brings Decision Win Over Stefan Struve!

Marcin Tybura Takes The Skyscraper Down!

We are here live at Hamburg, Germany. This is the match where size differential might play the crucial role – Stefan Struve versus Marcin Tybura. Both fighters are also great on the ground, this is the war at UFC Hamburg you’ve been waiting for! The loser might fall out of top 15!

Stefan Struve (28-10 MMA, 12-8 UFC) is the tallest fighter in the division. He comes out of the defeats to Andrei Arlovski and Alexander Volkov in the last two fights. Only four matches in his career aren’t finished via stoppage, so we can expect something like that this time too. Oh, it looks like the cameraman has the problem to follow this 213 cm giant!

Marcin Tybura (16-4 MMA, 3-3 UFC) had a three-win streak before the loss to Fabricio Werdum, and a very tragic defeat to Derrick Lewis via third-round KO. This Polish mixed martial artist is a very dangerous opponent!

Round 1

Fighters moving around the center… Struve tries to jab but misses. Great low kick from Struve, Tybura has range issues at the moment, he cannot get close. Tybura with an unsuccessful jab but lands a right low kick.


Tybura takes Struve down very easily! Great single leg, he is in full guard! Struve has no problems, he is great on his back… Tybura cannot punch him and he remains the full guard doing nothing… Struve holds him easily! Tybura is trying via right hammer fists but nothing happens, only lands a body shot. Struve defends like a super pro!

Oh, these attacks from Tybura are missing all the time. Unsuccessful Kimura from Struve, Tybura stands up and lands a big punch. Tybura misses all the time, he cannot reach, while Struve tries to wrap his hands for the armbar… nothing happens, the Polish competitor is very cautious.

Great move by Marc Goddard!

The referee stands them up! Good low kick from Struve. Great right punch to the body by Tybura, and he misses with hook combo. Struve goes backward and feints all the time. Excellent jab by The Skyscraper!

Struve is too slow, Tybura goes backward. Struve with a good low kick. Tybura tries for a single leg but Stefan is very cautious this time and moves his leg away.

Another Takedown!

Tybura wraps his hands around Struve’s body and takes him down. Probably round for Tybura!

Round 2

Tybura looks very tired at the beginning of the round. Both fighters moving around the center, Polish misses with a right overhand. Tybura lands good right hand to the body. Struve keeps him on distance successfully and attempts right high kick but blocked. Struve misses with a right low kick. Good jabs from Struve.


Tybura again goes for a takedown – he went under Struve without any problems – great double leg! Tybura is very active now and he tries various punches, good left hooks…Struve again defends well, despite Tybura is on top again inactivity happens. Unsuccessful triangle choke from Struve.

Goddard And Struve Argue!

The referee warns Struve not to hold the fence. He doesn’t let Struve push toes to the octagon!


Tybura goes to the side mount and lands few knees to the stomach. Tybura’s knees are on Struve’s head now, he tries to go for the crucifix position… Struve is bleeding from an elbow but he stands up!


Great right front kick from Struve, Tybura is rocked, but he grabs Struve and recovers. Struve lands a great elbow and a fantastic right hand. Tybura wants to take him down, great defense from Struve and an elbow to the head! Tybura has him against the fence but Stefan delivers elbows!


Oh, again takedown by Marcin Tybura! Tybura in the side mount landing knees and a good right hand to the face. The end of the round, very hard to decide who won.

Round 3

Struve is laughing at the beginning of the round. Can he rock Tybura again? Tybura moves around… Struve misses with a right front kick, and Tybura misses with a left hook. Struve attacks high but Tybura holds guard well.

Great right cross by Struve, Tybura can’t slip away! Right overhand missed by Tybura. Struve again goes for a head kick but misses. Tybura switches stance and goes for a low kick but misses again. Tybura was lucky this time, Struve misses with a hook, and Polish lands a good left low kick. When will Tybura go for a takedown again?

Struve is very cautious at the moment. Good low kick by Struve. Struve checks the low kick and the crowd starts to boo. Great punch exchange from both fighters!


Tybura went for a takedown again, Struve defends. Tybura gets a single leg and pushes Struve against the cage. Marcin wraps hands around Struve’s waist and takes him down.

Struve defends well, Tybura tries to punch him out but he does nothing, The Dutchman is simply too long. Good left hook by Tybura he stops Struve from getting up, these short punches are dangerous… great left elbow by Polish competitor and Struve misses with a triangle choke attempt!

Good elbows from Tybura, Struve is bleeding again. Tybura holds left hand on his neck, while right hand delivers strikes… The end of the match, probably round for Tybura, but we will see!

Check out the action below:

Winning moments:

That injury yuck:

Final Result – Marcin Tybura wins Stefan Struve via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)


Tybura has the MMA score of 17-4, while Struve drops to 28-11.

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