Watch: The finals of the male slapping championships in Russia is MMA enough for us

slapping championships 2019

So when are the female slapping championships going down in Russia? For inquiring minds.

Spring is in the air which means a few things. Spring Break, warmer temperatures, a few confusing daylights saving times moments, and the 2019 Male Slapping Championships in Russia.

Last year, our dude Andrew Lawrence took us to Russia and introduced everyone to one of the most insane sports in the world. Nearly 365 days later, Russia is still doing very Russian things.

Once you see one man slap another grown man in front of a live studio audience, there really is no going back. Nothing every seems normal again. MMA with one person fighting another person inside a cage? Meh? Maybe?

If there is a soccer game on one corner. A basketball game on another corner. Then a street fight on the third corner. What happens when a completely organized slapping match takes place on the final corner? In this very four sided hypothetical situation where do fans eyes turn to?

It’s an interesting thought exercise that MiddleEasy just came up with at this very moment. Yup, no relation to any other hypotheticals of combat sports’ past.

Professional Slap Fighting may not be the future of MMA but it’s close enough. The only problem is how do the Ultimate Slap Fighting Championships (USFC for short) evolve from just slapping the ever living hell out of one another?

One day MMA and Slap Fighting will come together as one. Just two adults going unblocked punch for unblocked punch with one another while 70,000 fans pack a stadium to watch on.

Until the greatest combat sports crossover of our time occurs, let’s watch the finals of 2019 Male Slap Fighting championships in Russia.

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