Every time Nate Diaz hit the Stockton Slap on Anthony Pettis in one post

Nate Diaz Stockton Slap UFC 241

Win or lose the Nate Diaz story had to be written.

Been seriously sitting on a new Stockton Slap post for 36 months. Those Rick James jokes were not going to tell themselves.

What did the five Diaz fingers say to the face of Anthony Pettis at UFC 241? Slap.

Not surprised Diaz dusted off his Slap Fighting base, but still how little surprised how easy it all looked. Like just a tiny bit mother *******.

Most people saw the first Stockton slap below. It was clear as day. So clean and right on the cheek of Showtime Pettis. The fight was still in doubt at this point and Nate Diaz just decided to have some fun.

On brand and who really knows when Diaz steps back into the cage? Smoke them if you got them, but also slap fools if you want to. So goes the Diaz Brothers daily mantra.


The second or third Stockton Slap at UFC 241 is harder to find. It looks like Diaz sticks in some slap stick during a wild exchange at the close of round two. This happened a lot but Pettis found himself backed up against the fence. Not a good spot unless you don’t mind a slap coming.

How to defend a Stockton Slap? Please read MiddleEasy’s new 3,000 word piece coming soon to The Athletic.

Human cage fighting needs more grown men slapping the taste out of other grown men’s mouth. Thank you Nate Diaz. Thanks to the 209. And thank you for bringing back the Stockton Slap at UFC 241.

Update: Another one from round three?

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