Jose Aldo: ‘I Dominated’ Marlon Moraes At UFC 245, Wants Henry Cejudo

Jose Aldo
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Jose Aldo Disagrees With Decision Loss At UFC 245

Jose Aldo lost a very close decision to Marlon Moraes at UFC 245. Following the defeat, he is quite unhappy with the way the judges saw the fight.

Aldo made his debut at bantamweight over the weekend. Despite what appeared to be a scary weight cut, he made 136lb, and looked great in the fight. However, in the end, he would lose a controversial split decision.

After the fight, many people, including Dana White, disagreed with the judges. Speaking with MMAFighting, Aldo explained that he felt like he not only won the fight, but won all three rounds.

“He had some good 30 seconds in the beginning of the first round, a great start, and after that I dominated him,” Aldo stated. “I almost knocked him out with two combos, he got dizzy and closed the distance, I lost balance and ended up on bottom on the ground, but he only had 10 seconds left and did nothing. Everybody thinks he won the first round, but I can’t see that.

“Rounds two and three were clear for me,” Aldo Continued. “I was the only one landing in the second, and walked forward the entire time in the third, landing jabs and answering everything he tried to do. I don’t know how I lost this fight. I don’t know how anyone saw him winning. I think I won all rounds. I respect Marlon, but I can’t see this result.”

Aldo continued, explaining that he was celebrating a win as soon as the fight was over.

One of the things that some argued, was that Jose Aldo coasted in the third round. Add this, to the already close first round, and that is why some felt Moraes had won. However, Jose thought he had done enough to win the fight, and noted some changes in the way Marlon was fighting, by the end of it all.

“He was scared,” Aldo said. “his eyes were different. The guy didn’t want to fight. Fans were booing and I was putting pressure the entire time. I don’t know how they came up with that result. I’m the most honest guy in the world. If I think I lost, like the (Alexander) Volkanovski fight, I’ll say I lost. But I don’t think I lost this fight.”

As for what is next for Aldo, he still wants to become bantamweight champion. In order to do that, he would have to get past Henry Cejudo, who also felt like Jose had won the fight. In fact, Cejudo felt so strongly, that he even stated that he still wanted to fight Jose, regardless of the loss, in Brazil. This is something the former featherweight king is interested in.

“If it’s in March or May, it doesn’t matter to me,” Aldo said. “I just want him to sign the contract so we can fight. I’ll start my diet and do whatever it takes.”

Do you think Jose Aldo should fight Henry Cejudo? Or should he get an official win in the division first?

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