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Jose Aldo Dresses Like Skeletor Amongst UFC 245 Weight-Cut

Jose Aldo Dresses Like Skeletor Amongst UFC 245 Weight-Cut

Jose Aldo Appears As Skeletor to the Media

Jose Aldo is forcing himself down to the bantamweight division by any means necessary. When images surfaced of Aldo’s current weight progress, fans were in shock of sickly Jose looked. After all, the former featherweight never missed the 145lb mark in his career, although he’s admitted to having tough weight cuts at that weight. So, to play into the theme of his progress, Aldo showed up to media day resembling Skeletor.

Aldo is currently one day out from weigh-ins for his fight versus fellow Brazillian Marlon Moraes. Speaking with the media, Jose rocked what appeared to be a leather jacket equipped with a hood that remained up the entire time. The outfit was reminiscent of a particular cartoon character that many said Aldo was beginning to look like. Especially if he continued making his way down to the 136lb bantamweight non-title fight limit.

Image of Aldo Resembling Skeletor With the Media

Senior MMA writer Shaheen Al-Shatti posted an image of Aldo during media day. The image appears to be Aldo standing before the media with his hood up. Twitter had a field day with the image as well.

Immediately, MMA Twitter did its thing. The thread under the image was full of jokes. Especially ones that liken Aldo’s image to the famous cartoon villain Skelator.

Aldo and Extreme Weight Cutting

The general consensus is that Aldo looks frightening. Also, virtually every media member and fan believe that Aldo making weight would be a miracle. Furthermore, even if he does, it has to come at a cost that would hinder his performance.

Besides all of the jokes, everyone seems very concerned about Aldo’s well-being. Extreme weight cutting has always been a serious issue in MMA and it usually doesn’t turn out well for the fighter cutting the weight.

Even if he does manage to get a win over Marlon, it’s still important to raise the issue. Cutting an extreme amount of weight is bad for everybody involved.

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