Watch: Of course Jorge Masvidal let his dad hold the BMF belt first

Jorge Masvidal Dad Bmf Belt First

Jorge Masvidal remains the realest. The star of GameBred continues to burn for the fallout of UFC 244.

Anything is possible in this post-BMF UFC landscape. As Masvidal soaks in the glory, he’s not forgetting his roots. That Miami Hustle stills holds true to this day.

To keep on brand, Masvidal incorporated his family into his first official BMF belt photo shoot. Who got to hold the belt first? The Father of Street Jesus AKA Masvidal Dad.

Does being the father of Street Jesus automatically make Masvidal Dad into a Street God?

Also never forget this 2013 story from Fightland (RIP) about OG Masvidal defecting from Cuba on a homemade boat.

“My dad is one of the craziest dudes. I was like, “Man, what would make you pick up and go at the age of 14?” And he said, “They were gonna tell me what my favorite color was gonna be, and who and what I was gonna be, so I decided to go.”

He deserves a book on how he got to the United States. It was him, a good friend of his, and his friend’s uncle. You know the big tires for tractors? They built a raft out of those. What they did was take a gallon drum, fill it up with water, and tie it to the raft. But somebody messed up and one of the tanks of water wasn’t wrapped up right, and it just got fucked up with saltwater, so their drinking supply was over with. But picturing my dad leaving at 13, 14, leaving with two guys that weren’t even family—I don’t think they planned too well, you know? I think he was just like, “Oh, it’ll probably take us a day to get there,” and before they knew it, they were lost at sea.

My dad said that on the third day, he held the paddle up in the air, and a bird came and landed on it—a pigeon or something, you know? And my dad’s like, “Maybe we should eat this.” But the older guy was like, “No. That’s a sign from God. We’re gonna get there.” My dad shook the paddle, the bird flew away, and they kept going. I don’t know how long after they put the paddle up again, and the same bird comes and lands on the paddle. My dad’s like, “We’re eating it.” The older guy’s like, “No, I already told you, it’s a sign from God.” And my dad goes, “Yeah, it’s a sign from God to eat it.”

I said to him, “For real? You ate that thing?” He said, “Yeah, we were so damn thirsty, three days out there in the sun. I drank the blood. I bit right into the raw meat.” I was like, wow, that’s fuckin’ survival.”

That story right there? That is the most BMF thing you will hear all week courtesy of Papa Masvidal.

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