Joe Rogan is a huge advocate of judges actually using their monitors

In statistics, a linear regression analysis is a model applied to data, usually graphically in the form of a scatter plot in order to forecast or make predictions on the future events based on the effects of one or more independent variable on a dependent variable. For example, if you wanted to examine the chances of Joe Rogan talking about black holes in future interviews, you could use a multiple linear regression model, taking in information from previous interviews and looking out for the frequency of related topics such as ‘apocalypse’, ‘string theory’ or ‘Matt Horwich’. Booting up the ubiquitous statistics program SPSS and running this regression analysis with the frequencies these keywords appear as independent variables will probably tell you what you already know: There is a very high chance of Joe Rogan discussing black holes in future interviews.

In light of this very brief and probably flawed statistics lesson, who’s surprised that a Joe Rogan Las Vegas Review Journal interview covers both the ‘impending technology singularity’ and wandering black holes? Not me and certainly not SPSS, which is incapable of being surprised because it is a computer program. As well as black holes, Joe talks about how to cook the perfect steak as well as the GSP/Anderson Silva debate. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this interview is where Joe talks about judges using monitors:

“I’m as close to the fights as you can get. I’m sitting on the apron. I’m touching the cage, literally. And there’s moments where I can’t see what’s happening, because they’ll be fighting, hidden behind a pole or in a corner. I have to look in the monitor to see what’s going on so I can commentate correctly (…)

And if I have to look at a monitor to commentate correctly, for sure someone has to look at a monitor to judge correctly.”

I have to see what a guy’s doing. I have to see what his arms are doing: “Oh, he’s setting up a choke,” or “He’s setting up an arm bar.” And sometimes, you can’t see it from just looking at it.

But from the monitor … you can see things you can’t see otherwise. Those things are very important as far as judging which guy’s winning the fight and which guy’s not.

We cannot say for certain that Joe wasn’t marijuanically influenced for the duration of this interview, but it’s an interesting read nevertheless. [Source]

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