Jason Knight Headlines ‘The Brawl In The Stall,’ Fights Two Men In A Bathroom

Jason Knight
Images via Instagram @brokweaverufc

UFC, BKFC Vet Jason Knight Gets In Fight In Bathroom Stall

Jason Knight has fought under the UFC, and BKFC banners. Now, according to a recent video, he has also fought under the bathroom banner, too.

It is no secert that Jason Knight is a bit of a brawler. The man they call “Hick Diaz” was released by the UFC in 2018, with a record of 20-6. However, he would not be a free agent for long, being picked up by Bare Knuckle FC. Subsequently, he would be involved in a wild brawl with Artem Lobov, earlier this year.

So yeah, it is safe to say that Knight loves to scrap. Apparently this carries over into his everyday life as well. In a viral video, uploaded to Instagram, you can see Jason involved in a bit of a street fight. While it is unclear what led to this point, you can see him being backed into a bathroom stall by two men. As a result, he would start to throw hands, fighting both men simultaneously.


Following the altercation, Knight explained on Twitter that he did not know who either man were. Additionally, he clarified that the incident happened last year. Nevertheless, he managed to get the best of both of them, until security came to break it up. With his back against the stall, he still managed to shine.

Look, the way it appears, this could be a training session for Jason Knight. After all, he was preparing for a bare knuckle debut against Artem Lobov around that time, so he had to condition himself. Do two drunken bafoons equal one Artem Lobov? You can decide that for yourself.

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