It’s Official: Mickey Rourke Beat Up a Hobo in Moscow

The jokes were all there after Mickey Rourke was announced to be in a boxing match in Moscow; Mickey Rourke was going to beat up a bum. Elliot Seymour wasn’t that well known before his bout with Rourke, but he did have a background in professional boxing. Things, well, they weren’t going so well for him, though. Why? Because he has been homeless for at least 18 months according to a report.

Some have even claimed that Elliot had trained at WildCard Gym a few times, where Mickey Rourke was training for the fight, and that Elliot was a “professional opponent” paid to take a dive. Friends of Elliot claimed that he was paid to take a dive in the fourth round, but instead he went down in the second round. Still, for a guy who was sleeping on the street and spent all day hanging out in a Starbucks it seems that he was paid to live his dream one last time.

We can now say, rather decisively, that Mickey Rourke literally beat up a bum, though. Some will call this a black eye for the sport of boxing, but honestly, it’s hard to police events like this in Russia where organizers will place legitimate fights alongside “attraction” fights as such.

What’s next for Mickey Rourke? Here’s hoping that after running through a large number of homeless people he moves on to fight Drederick Tatum.


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