Highlights: Palhares and Mayhem Miller at Venator FC’s press conference is as strange as you think

Jason “Mayhem” Miller has a passport for international air travel? What a time to be a alive! The only way Venator FC 3 this weekend in Italy could be crazier is if they had Rousimar “Toquinho” Palhares also fighting at VFC 3. Wait, they do? What a time to have two working leg muscles for Palhares to gnaw at!

Through some form of supernatural activity, both Mayhem and Palhares made it Venator FC 3’s prefight press event in one piece. Watch as Miller interacts with the local Italian media as Palhares makes Palhares’ facial expressions. What makes these two professional cage fighters tick?!? Find out this Saturday at VFC 3, where the odds of Mayhem igniting a post-fight cage brawl as Palhares dines on a torn Achilles tendon are actually quite high.

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