Video: Fake Out Glove Touch Leads to 3 Second Knockout

Always keep and eye on your opponent when you bow, because no tall warriors are as honorable as others. Protect yourself at all times. Memorize the buttons for the Hadouken and all of your combos. You have to be prepared, fighters. Even when you’re out to give your opponent a friendly bro-fist before you beat each other’s heads in. Some guys don’t touch gloves, Cody Garbrandt doesn’t, and this clip gives him good reason.

Dude walks in with his arms outstretched in one of the universal signals for “I won’t hit you in this 10 seconds while he touch gloves”, but “Russian John Fitch” fakes him out and knocks him SLEEP. It’s cheap, but unfortunately there are no rules regarding friendly folkways and mores during a fight. Just know, don’t trust anybody just like Stone Cold says.

In honor of the 3-second dishonorable KO, what it from 3 different angles!

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