Gender Wars: Russian MMA Promotion Broadcasting Vague Man vs. Woman Matchup on PPV

Of course fight fans have always been curious about the idea of inter-gender competition. It’s inevitable. Once women fought on a large enough stage in MMA, how could we not speculate on potential man vs. woman matchups? For years, astute fight fans called for Ronda Rousey to take on Miesha Tate’s water boy Bryan Caraway. Even today, there are plenty male fighters I would pay to see fight Cris Cyborg.

But “sane” minds have destined these matchups to never move beyond the occasional curious comment. I mean, what commission would ever sanction something like that?

Leave it to Mother Russia brush aside boorish concerns about athletic commissions and bring to life the darkest suppressed desires of the human psyche. Enter Gender Wars.

You can thank former UFC fighter Brad Kohler and his partner A.J. Hiller (I guess) for bringing such an absurd and risky idea to life.

And no, those fight photos are not a mistake. Ultimate Fighter Heavyweight Wes Sims is indeed fighting 96 fight veteran Travis Wiuff on the undercard. So that’s where to set your expectations. The added notes of “No Cage, No Ropes, Backyard Rules!” reassures anyone who was worried that fighter safety was going to be anything less than a top priority. No shit there is no cage. Guess what? There is no $1 million dollars either. They’ll be lucky if the prize money is a million rubles ($17,000). The announcement that there will be no live audience only makes this even more sketchy.

The fact that there is no fighters announced for this Man vs. Woman Gender War reassures me that this fight card will be an absolute shit show. Of course, Middle Easy will be there to buy this horrible PPV and report back all it’s terrible glory. We can only hope that this train wreck is actually able to get out of the gate. Some terrible ideas are too perfect not to see happen.

Interested in this MMA monstrosity? It will be live on January 12th, streaming on (price TDB).


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