Fighter gets KOd, then gets KOd again when his head falls on his knee in Russia at ProFC 50

This morning ProFC 50 went down in Russia, which was technically night over there — but we’re not sure if it was tomorrow night or tonight night. Although, tonight will be tomorrow in Russia, but maybe it will be tomorrow morning — or in the rare case, it will already be Friday. Those Russians, they’ve outlawed the existence of homosexuals in the country, but they sort of nailed down this whole time traveling thing.

Just minutes ago at ProFC (not to be confused with ProElite or Elite XC), Herman Yakubov vs Boris Miroshnichenko went down and Yakubov executed a well-timed kick to knock his opponent down, and then his opponent’s knee finished the job for him. Check out this Zprophet .gif and props to for the find.

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