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Video: EA UFC 2 is Already Producing Hilarious Glitches

Video: EA UFC 2 is Already Producing Hilarious Glitches

We all remember that EA UFC was an absolute glitch gold mine. Dudes were straight phasing in-and-out of other dimensions and contorting their body like an exorcism.

While EA UFC 2 looks like a drastic improvement on its predecessor, it seems like we’re about to run that glitch train back again. YouTube user Hollow Gamer has asked his subscribers to send him their glitches and it has already turned out in hilarious results. His accent is a bonus on the running commentary.

Watch these wild clips below from the first installment featuring dabbing, a helicopter spin kick bail and a fighter breaking every bone in his leg to avoid a takedown.

Hopefully we’ll get enough material for Rogan and Goldie to run commentary again.

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