Video: New EA UFC update disables takedowns, lets you stand and bang like Max Holloway to end fights

This new EA UFC 2 update makes us want to see Max Holloway get his long overdue UFC featherweight title shot. The only way to end fights from now is The Holloway and it’s glorious. Inspired by Holloway’s last two firefights with Jeremy Stephens and Ricardo Lamas, the developers at EA UFC had to pay tribute to the 24-year-old Hawaiian striker.

Thanks to the latest EA UFC 2 update you can now end rounds like Max Holloway; which means you can taunt your opponent and if he taunts back it basically locks the remainder of the round into stand and bang mode. No takedowns, no clinching, no stalling equals both fighters are forced to trade strikes like a blown Rocky movie punch exchange.

This is awesome. EA UFC 2 loves the kids. How did this dream update go down?

Other updates and fighters added to EA UFC 2 include

  • Abel Trujillo- Men’s Lightweight
    Evan Dunham- Men’s Lightweight
    Rashid Magomedov – Men’s Lightweight
    Sean O’Connell – Men’s Light Heavyweight
  • Added the ability to end a round “The Holloway” when you taunt with Max Holloway in the last 20 seconds of the round and your opponent taunts back.
  • Added Grapple Advantage Meter which allows users to understand opportune moments to attempt takedowns, reversals, transitions and submissions.
  • Added the ability to block when in any level of hit reaction following a strike to the legs or body.
  • Reduced Stand Up Arm Health recovery when holding High Block by 20%.
  • Increased Stand Up Arm Health damage taken when holding High Block by 20%.
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