Dustin Poirier Talks Conor McGregor’s Mind Games, Charity, and More On Hot Ones (VIDEO)

Top UFC lightweight Dustin Poirier joins Hot Ones for an interview while stuffing his face full of tear-inducing hot wings

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Dustin Poirier recently dropped his own brand of hot sauce, and has been working hard to promote it. There was no better way to do that, than joining Hot Ones, and try to suffer through the hottest sauces out there.

Fresh off his massive UFC 257 win over Conor McGregor, Poirier is at a career high, in terms of popularity and exposure. He put on a nearly flawless performance to get the second round TKO, avenging his 2014 loss to the Irishman.

Leading into that fight, Dustin was pushing his Louisiana Style Hot Sauce. He even offered Conor a bottle ahead of their fight, which was a sign of how different things were this time around, compared to the heavy trash talking from their first meeting.


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Dustin Poirier On Hot Ones

As part of the promotion for his new hot sauce, Dustin Poirier got to do an interview on the YouTube show Hot Ones. In the past, we have seen the likes of Ronda Rousey and Israel Adesanya on the show.

This time around, Dustin got hit with some interesting questions, while trying to go through increasing levels of hot wings. Below are some of the highlights, in terms of the questions.

Who has the pound-for-pound heaviest strikes?

“Conor McGregor is the heaviest handed guy I’ve ever fought, and I knew that going into this last one so I had a good awareness. That was six years ago, but you don’t forget those kinds of things,” Poirier said.

Besides McGregor, who is the best trash talker?

“It’s gotta be Chael Sonnen. When he was in his prime, running his mouth, he was selling pay-per-views.”

Favorite female fighter to watch?

“Amanda Nunes. I really like watching Amanda Nunes, pound-for-pound GOAT,” Poirier said.

“But I gotta give some respect to my girl Joanna Jedrzejczyk. She’s a beast, man. Such a savage.”

Who played the most mind games?

“Conor McGregor, the first time I fought him, 100 percent, no doubt about it. The art of war was on full display. He might have beat me before the fight started,” Poirier said.

“Talked about Louisiana, talked about my family, talked about my skillset, whatever he could say. I was a young fighter at the time, and I just thought about everything he said too much.

“I would read comments, and I would read articles about what critics and media are saying and stuff like that. As I matured in the sport, I realized I’ve just got to focus on what I can control.”

Dustin’s elevator pitch for his own food show.

“I got it here. Food Fight With Dustin Poirier. We go to different cities, I check out a couple local gyms, I train with the guys there.

“Then we go to local restaurants, I get in the kitchen, cook a little bit, hear about their story. Food Fight. Diamente. Boom.”

The whole video is worth a watch, as Dustin Poirier really starts to struggle with taking the heat later on at the end of the line. There are a ton of interesting stories to hear from the longtime veteran of the sport.

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