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Dominick Cruz out of UFC 169, stripped of title, and replaced with Uriah Faber

Dominick Cruz out of UFC 169, stripped of title, and replaced with Uriah Faber

I feel like Dominick Cruz fighting in the UFC was some sort of fever dream at this point; a distant memory shimmering on the sands of time like a hazy mirage off in the distance. Was Dominick Cruz really the UFC Bantamweight Champion, or was he just a dream that we all had that came over from the WEC after making Urijah Faber really upset? Dominick Cruz last fought in the UFC on October 1st, 2011 and has been plagued by injuries since then, all while holding up the UFC Bantamweight Championship.

Well, expect that no more, as today’s “big announcement” was not Dana White reading off a list of foods that he ate for breakfast, it was not the signing of Brock Lesnar, oh no, it was announcing that Dominick Cruz has tore his groin and will not be competing at UFC 169. The UFC has also decided that it is finally time to move on and declare Renan Barao the true UFC Bantamweight Champion, just like they have changed the main event of UFC 169 to Urijah Faber challenging Renan Barao for the UFC Bantamweight Championship.

This is a tough break for Dominick Cruz, but then again, after such a long layoff it seems almost cruel to make him come back against a guy in his prime who has been active in the cage all while dealing with ring rust and the stress of being champion. Dominick Cruz will now be able to come back under more relaxed circumstances and be allowed to hopefully ease back into his fighting career after years away from the cage due to injuries. It only seems fair, right?

Also am I the only one who is starting to think that UFC holding big announcement pressers this often is bordering on the comical side of absurd?

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