Uriah Faber’s Drinking Game Will Make you ‘Bend The Knee’

Uriah Faber Discusses His Henry Cejudo Drinking Game

Thanks to the California Kid, UFC events may have just gotten a bit more entertaining. Uriah Faber recently found a new way to make the adventure of watching fights more entertaining. All you’ll need is an ice-cold drink and a Henry Cejudo sighting, and all should be able to participate in Uriah’s new drinking game.

Speaking with Bloody Elbow in an interview, Faber revealed the rules of his drinking game.

We used to play a drinking game: every time Henry Cejudo says ‘gold medal’ you take a shot. It gets you pretty hammered,” said Faber (via Bloody Elbow)

Faber reminisced back to the days when he used to play the game with Adam Corrigan and PFL (Professional Fight Light) standout star Lance Palmer. Now, the MMA community can play along the next time Cejudo has a fight booked. Of course, do your best to drink responsibly. But, also keep in mind exactly how many times Cejudo mentions his gold medals. The name may cause its players to ‘bend the knee’ but it won’t be to Triple C. It’ll probably be towards the nearest toilet. (Yeah, that’s how often Cejudo mentions his gold medals)

Respect for Cejudo’s Authenticity

Faber also spoke about the respect level he has for Cejudo. Referencing an old video of the pair together, Uriah claims that Cejudo’s ‘cringe’ persona actually resembles his authentic self.

“He’s just taken himself and not been afraid to put it out there. If you look at that video I put out on our Instagram of us 10-years-ago, he’s a little bit awkward but a happy guy.” (via Bloody Elbow)

Lastly, Uriah touched on why believes Henry decided to finally step out of his shell. Aside from being a good person, Faber also believes in the fierce competitiveness of Cejudo.

“He’s a little cringy, but he has a good heart and obviously a fierce competitor. I think he’s doing a pretty good job of getting advice and getting his name out there,” he continued. “Who knows what he’s really thinking?”

He finished with, “What he’s really doing is getting a bunch of people talking about him, which is smart. Females with two-to-three-times as many followers are talking about him… Maybe he got some advice from Ariel [Helwani].” (via bloody elbow)

Making the Fight

Whether or not Faber and Cejudo will ever fight remains to be seen. Although Faber is coming off a spectacular KO victory over Ricky Simon, the top of the bantamweight division is filled with surging stars on the rise. However, star power matters in today’s UFC climate.

If the pair do throw down in the octagon, we’re hopeful that Uriah doesn’t participate in his drinking game during camp.

If he did, he might not make it to the fight.


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