Darren Elkins, Featherweight Title Contender? Fuck Yes.

Somehow, “The Damage” Darren Elkins is a title contender in 2018. And I couldn’t be more on board.

Darren Elkins’ ability to endure a beating and find a way to grit out a victory is nearly inhuman. How many more beatings can he take and somehow snatch victory? How good of a fighter can Elkins manage to do this to? Can you imagine Darren Elkins beating Frankie Edgar? Max Holloway? My mind would explode.

Since inking his notorious chest tattoo, Elkins has won six fights in a row despite being an underdog in four of them. So I can only assume that monstrosity of a tattoo is a modern day ‘Portrait of Dorian Gray’ type situation. Darren Elkins sold his chest to the Devil in exchange for an iron chin.

For the record, I’m 100% on board with a Satanic Darren Elkins title reign.

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