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Ricardo Lamas Defeats Darren Elkins Via Third-Round TKO!

Ricardo Lamas Defeats Darren Elkins Via Third-Round TKO!

Ricardo Lamas Lands Amazing Hammerfists And Elbows To Defeat Ricardo Lamas!

Welcome to the Parque Roca Arena in Buenos Aires, Argentina, at the co-main event of UFC Fight Night 140. Darren Elkins fights Ricardo Lamas in a UFC Featherweight bout.

Round 1

Lamas with a great shin strike at the beginning of the match. He connects a head kick, Elkins on the canvas! Lamas uses a front headlock to defend as Elkins tries to shoot in. Elkins eats a knee but lands short punches. How strong this fighter is!

Fighters separate, low kick Ricardo Lamas. Spinning back kick attempt, Lamas again with a low kick, Elkins returns with a jab. Right hand and body kick “The Damage”. Elkins shoots in, Lamas defends. Great knees to the body off the clinch.  Ricardo reverses, and the fighters separate again.

Leg kick Lamas, excellent counter followed by a body kick from Darren Elkins. Spinning back kick and a low kick are answered by a great hand counter. Elkins looks for the back, Lamas for the way up. Lamas transits to a double leg, but Elkins attacks the back again. This should be a round for Lamas.

Round 2

Leg kick Lamas. Right hand, Elkins tries to counter kicks and punch combos.

Double-leg Lamas, great move.

Elkins sweeps up and delivers an uppercut.

What a head kick from Lamas!

Left hook Elkins, Lamas returns with a hand counter. Short right punch Lamas. “The Bully” goes for a head kick but Elkins uses it to take him down, great counter. Lamas with a guillotine and sweep, now he rains punches on the Elkins, who uses turtle position to defend. Elkins tries to roll for a leg but gets brutal hammer-fist instead. Fighters stood up, and great flying knee from Lamas.

Body kick Elkins. Lamas low kick. Elkins’ calf in trouble, Lamas attacks with an uppercut too. Calf kick followed by a spinning back kick Lamas. Elkins tries to take him down against the cage. The end of the round, probably another one for Ricardo Lamas.

Round 3

Lamas attacks with a leg kick. Left hook Elkins, and Lamas shoots in. Left hook, but it is met by a tremendous low kick. Fighters tie up and Lamas puts him on the fence, but they separate immediately. Knee Lamas, Elkins uppercut. Fighters trade punches, and great low kick Lamas. Elkins left hand.

Double Leg Takedown Lamas, Now He Is In The Side Control!

What an elbow from Lamas, he controls the match now. Great punches, Elkins goes for the up-kick. Right-hand Lamas. Lamas stands over and destroys Elkins’ leg with kicks.

Elbows and hammer-fists and the referee wave off the fight!

 Check out the highlights below:

Pros react to Lamas win:

Final Result: Ricardo Lamas defeats Darren Elkins via TKO (punches and elbows) at 4:09 of round three

 Ricardo Lamas improves his score to 19-7 MMA, 10-5 UFC, Darren Elkins drops to 24-7 MMA, 13-6 UFC.

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