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Daniel Cormier ‘Will Never Be Ok’ With Jake Paul But ‘You Gotta Take The Kid Seriously’

Daniel Cormier previews the Tyron Woodley vs Jake Paul fight and says that people need to take Jake's skills seriously

Daniel Cormier ‘Will Never Be Ok’ With Jake Paul But ‘You Gotta Take The Kid Seriously’

It is clear that Daniel Cormier is not the biggest fan of Jake Paul as a person. However even he knows that it is time to take Jake seriously as a boxer, especially if he can get past Tyron Woodley this weekend.

Cormier has had some not very nice things to say about the younger Paul brother, and vice versa. In fact the two had a bit of a scuffle at a UFC event after trading barbs online, and they nearly came to blows while DC was working commentary and Jake was in attendance.

Speaking in a recent episode of the DC and RC show, Daniel made it clear that he is still not a fan of Jake. However he says Jake has shown enough skill in the ring that it is time people start to take him seriously as a boxer.

“Here’s the thing. It’s time for people to start taking Jake Paul seriously. I know that him and I had our run-ins and everything, and I will never be ok with the kid, that’s not my cup of tea, but the reality is that you have to start taking this kid seriously,” Cormier said.

“When you’re fighting guys like Ben (Askren) who’s an amateur boxer, like Nate Robinson who’s an amateur boxer, those guys are true amateurs. Jake Paul is a rich person that is fighting amateurs but is getting trained by the absolute best trainers in the world. His skills are developing at a rate that is unmatched by these young guys.” 


Daniel Cormier Says Stop Being Fooled By Jake Paul

While at first it was easy to write off Jake Paul as illegitimate, Daniel Cormier says this is no longer the case. He says that Jake is no longer just a YouTuber and has been putting in the work in the gym.

Whether or not he will get past Tyron Woodley is another story that will unfold this weekend. However either way, DC says it is time to stop looking at Jake as just someone from YouTube or Disney.

“(Woodley’s) got a real boxing coach, he’s got money, he’s got skills and ability, and he’s got a championship pedigree that will make him the first real challenge that Jake Paul has seen inside the ring. But guys, it’s time to stop allowing this guy to trick you,” Cormier said.

“He’s not just a YouTube kid anymore. He’s not just a Disney kid. He’s a fighter because he’s prepping to fight full time. But he’s going to have his hands full this weekend, because T-Wood is no joke.”

It is nice, albeit rather surprising to see Daniel Cormier compliment Jake Paul in this way. A lot of people are going to have a different opinion on Jake after this weekend, if he is able to get past Tyron Woodley.

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