Video: Dan Henderson’s Last Strike Of His Career Was the Rolling Thunder Kick

The dream is dead. A part of America died. Just like Alistair Overeem failing to win the UFC title, the last of out hardcore, fanboy nostalgia is slowly becoming extinct. Dan Henderson wasn’t able to beat Michael Bisping last night, even though he absolutely kicked the shit out of him and made him look like a bug-eyed blood alien.

However, Old Man Hendo aka MMA’s Paul Bunyon wasn’t going to let the moment pass him by. For his very last strike in his MMA career, he decided to fling his body and foot towards Bisping’s face at top velocity. That’s right, he executed a rolling thunder attack. Even though he missed, in a way, it still kind of feels right that it ended this way. …I mean, or winning the only title he hasn’t won then leaving his gloves in the Octagon and NO I AM NOT CRYING!

Here is one of the times that the rolling thunder kick actually worked.

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