Damacio Page won Most Violent Knockout of 2014 last night at Legacy 36

MMA is a magical realm in which amazing highlights can and will manifest themselves when you think it’s going to be a “down week” and you actually leave your home for a Friday evening full of love and dancing. Full disclosure: no homes, love or dancing was had last night, but Legacy 36 was skipped so I could play Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel all night. Partial disclosure: the walls are closing in on me and I need a break that doesn’t look like it’s ever going to come. 

But then a whiff of smelling salts in the form of Damacio Page’s right fist to Brian Hall’s skull at Legacy 36. This is the most violent knockout of the year, right? And on top of the cage-rattling knockout, we are given a Brian Hall KO face that Rashad Evans would nod and touch his chest at.

Props to Page for getting his third stoppage win in a row, and thanks Zprophet, for always being there and replaying these amazing moments.

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