Colby Covington Puts UFC On Blast For Canceling Shows Because Of ‘A Little Flu’

Colby Covington
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Colby Covington Goes After UFC For Canceling Shows Due To Coronavirus

Colby Covington had his short notice fight plans squashed, when the UFC was forced to cancel several events. However the former title challenger does not agree with the decision to cancel fights.

Covington is known for his widely outspoken nature, for better or worse. It was what left him the target of a ton of criticism headed into his, frankly overdue, title shot at UFC 245. Although he would ultimately lose the bout, the fight was exciting from start to finish. As a result, some people became more of a fan of his, while other relished in the irony that the trash talker had his jaw broken.

Fan or not, it is hard not to respect the toughness of Colby Covington, when it comes to fighting. Especially in the most recent circumstance, where he volunteered to face former champion Tyron Woodley on a week’s notice. Woodley was expected to face Leon Edwards, but due to increasing concerns over coronavirus, was unable to secure a passport to come to the United States, where the event was moved.

Ultimately the UFC would be put in a position where they were unable to hold the event altogether. However, in the mind of Covington, this is a bit extreme. In fact, he took the opportunity in a recent interview, to go after the UFC for canceling events during something he does not view as serious.

”I don’t think it was the right move,” Covington said. “I think we’re healthy, young professional athletes. We already do something that’s dangerous enough as it is, getting locked into an octagon and fighting each other, so what’s more dangerous than a little flu that’s going on right now? I think people just need to be more aware of what’s going on, wash their hands, social distancing, this and that. But as professional athletes, we already risk enough as it is.”

Now clearly there is more that goes into the decision, than what Covington is suggesting. To the UFC’s credit, they were looking at continuing their events, regardless of what every other major sports league was doing. Ultimately it was the governing bodies in place that led to the decision to cancel those events.

The frustration that Colby Covington and other fighters are feeling is completely understandable. Unlike those other sports leagues, these athletes do not get paid unless they fight. However, the safety of the public, and the best interests of the general population must take precedence during this difficult time.

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