UFC 245 Results: Kamaru Usman TKO’s Colby Covington, Remains The Champ (Highlights)

Colby Usman
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Kamaru Usman Lands A Barrage Of Big Ground Strikes To Stop Colby Covington In The Fifth Round

UFC 245 pay-per-view (PPV) is headlined by a 170-pound title fight between the reigning defending division champion, BJJ black belt and TUF 21 winner Kamaru “The Nigerian Nightmare” Usman and the former interim welterweight champion Colby “Chaos” Covington. This is the bout of two fighters with an even MMA score! It is taking place now (Saturday, December 14, 2019) from inside T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Colby Covington enters first, he wears blue shorts. Kamaru Usman enters next with the Nigerian flag around his shoulders, wearing dark black T-shirt and black shorts. Usman has a reach advantage.

The third man inside the cage is Marc Goddard. Fighters stare at each other. The main event of the event kicks off!

Round 1

No glove touch. Colby in the southpaw stance. Right punch Kamaru. He attempts a head kick but falls on the ground and gets up immediately. Low kick Covington, punch to the head, Usman.

Colby misses with a left hand. Fighters trade punches. Low kick to the thigh. Left hand to the head Colby. More punches by Colby. Usman switches stance, the two are fighting. Big left hand by Covington, clinch. Usman lands a knee. Another knee. And now a knee to the head.

Both fighters are fighting and landing big shots. Strong punch. Three hooks Covington, Usman escapes well. Low kick Colby. Low kick Usman.

Big right hand Usman, Covington fires back. Body shot Kamaru. Left-hand counter Usman. Big left hand Colby, and flying knee attempt. Left hand Colby. Big punch Kamaru. Usman lands a right uppercut to the body. 10-9 Covington I think, great boxing on both sides.

Round 2

No glove touch. The high kick missed by Usman. Three punches Covington. Right hand to the head. High kick. 1-2 Usman.

Right jabs on both sides. Colby uppercuts to the body. Right cross Usman. Big left hook rocks Covington but he survives. Low kick. Right hand Colby. Now Kamaru looks wobbled. Usman fires back with a jab.

Big right hand. Usman’s high kick is blocked. 1-2 Colby, good ducking. This is an open brawl. Strong uppercut. Three quick punches Colby. Right uppercut missed by a hair.

Usman counters with a body punch. The referee calls time, nut shot. The ref restarts the bout. Usman lands a low kick. More jabs on both sides. Big right hand. Left hook Colby. A middle kick lands for Covington.

Right punch to the head. Body punch Usman, Colby counters. Wow, big uppercut by Usman, Colby looked rocked for a second! Great battle! 10-9 Usman, fighters exchange words.

Round 3

Left hand to the head Colby. Good front kick. Knee to the body. Big right punch lands for Usman. Left punch Colby.

Usman goes forward. Left Superman punch attempt Colby. Middle kick Kamaru. Right cross missed. Body blow. The high kick missed by Usman.

A strong kick to the thigh. Tactical battle. Left hook Covington, Usman raises elbow and blocks. Colby is missing a lot at the moment. Big punch to the head Colby. Body shot Usman.

1-2 Kamaru. Left high kick rocks, Usman, Colby attacks him, another head kick. Hey, Goddard stopped the fight, wow it was an eye poke!! This is painful. Goddard talks to Usman and restarts the fight.

Usman ducks under and counters Colby. Body kick. Superman punch followed by a right hook. Usman lands more punches to the head. 10-9 Usman, fighters argue again.

Round 4

I think Colby’s jaw is hurt badly! He keeps his left-hand high. Middle kick. Left hand. Big right hands land for Covington. Body punch Colby.

Left jab Usman. Colby is cut under the right eye. Another left-hand land. Right front kick. Strong right hook counter Colby. Usman evades the incoming blows. Left hand plus right uppercut. Usman blocks a high kick.

Another big right uppercut, Usman is in trouble. Both fighters trade blows. Body punch missed. Big left hand, Colby. Middle kick. Right uppercut. Right punch to the body. 80 seconds left.

Three big hooks land for Covington. Low kicks Colby. Low kick lands again. Left cross. Goddard stops the match again. Fighters are arguing. He warns them to keep the fight clean.

The match is restarted, knee to the head, left punch lands. Body shot. Another Superman punch lands. Right hand missed by a hair. 10-9 Usman. Fighters are laughing now!

Round 5

Left-hand lands. High kick blocked. Colby keeps his hands high. Three big punches by Covington. Front kick Usman. Wow, what a great left hook by Colby, but Usman is still standing. What is this guy made of?

Right hook missed by Usman. Colby ducks under Usman’s left hook and counters well. Body punch Kamaru. Superman punch attempt.

Three minutes remaining. 1-2 Kamaru, left hand, Colby. Left high kick Colby, blocked. Right uppercut miss. The left punch is blocked. Front kick Kamaru. Low kick. Big left hand. A left hook followed by a right cross, Usman rocked him! Usman goes in for the kill but Colby miraculously recovers. Colby ate another punch to the mouth.

Covington still moves, he ate a big punch and went down, then he got up. Another big punch by Usman and Colby goes down. Usman lands big shots on the ground. That’s it, Kamaru Usman defeats Covington via stoppage, Goddard waves off!

Final Result: Kamaru Usman TKO’s Colby Covington (round 5, 4:10)

Here are the highlights:

Kamaru Usman improves the score to 16-1 MMA, 11-0 UFC, Colby Covington drops to 15-2 MMA, 10-2 UFC.

Published on December 14, 2019 at 10:55 pm
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