Chrissy Blair’s hotness dominates a Tosh.0 skit about Lane Kiffin

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but UFC Octagon girl Chrissy Blair is quite attractive. It’s easy to miss little details like that when you’re super stoked to watch two dudes form a human pretzel for fifteen minutes on a Saturday evening. Thankfully, Tosh.0 noticed, and he used her in a skit about Lane Kiffin.

If you don’t watch college football, all you probably need to know is that Kiffin is the University of Alabama’s offensive coordinator, and he has been ranked the second most hated figure in all of sports. Tosh.0 is on the Hate Lane Train, and has pretend callers say things such as, “I’m going to go j*zz in your tramp of a f*cking wife,” and “I hope you die of AIDS, you overpaid p*ssy.” One speculates he may be a pedophile.

Very edgy for sure, and it may have gotten even worse. But I fell into a wormhole at the top of Chrissy’s red dress at 2:00 and woke up naked in the fetal position on my bathroom floor.

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