Video: Juan Manuel Lopez KOs Vasquez Jr. Then Attacks Cornerman in Garbage Rain

First off, doesn’t that banner look like a grainy Caravaggio painting? Damn, that’s a wild ass art reference to put at the beginning of this thing. Sorry guys, let’s get started.

It’s not every day that boxing finds its way onto the Middle Easy. Sure, every now and then some guy straight deads a fool and he may find himself in the sweet MMA lands of the site. But most of the time, MMA is enough to keep up with. …Then Juan Manuel Lopez comes riding into town filled with piss and vinegar.

This dude knocked out Wilfredo Vasquez, Jr., celebrated for just a hot minute, then decided he wasn’t done so he runs over to Vasquez’s corner and they start to throw down. Better watch for cornerman’s hands though, he landed some shots too.

If you need another angle of this madness, here it is. I know this is pretty unsportsmanlike, but Lopez may be on to something here. Maybe the cornermen can fight each other to try and avenge the loss of their fighter. You know, instead of the pro fighter and the actual winner of the fight just blasting the guy who is responsible for tips and water sips.

I don’t know how long it will be there, but here is a full YouTube video of the incident, complete with replays and garbage rain and all.

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