VIDEO: Anderson Silva Condems Former Coach For Attacking Ex-Student

Anderson Silva

Silva Criticizes Former Coach Regarding Viral Video

Former coach of Anderson Silva, Diogenes Assahida recently went viral for a video of him attacking an ex-student. Anderson Silva was not very happy to hear about that.

In a video that went viral on Brazilian Social media, Assahida is seen attacking Ulisses Teodoro in front of his muay thai school. According to Assahida, he felt disrespected by Teodoro. Teodoro recently left the team, but was walking in front of the gym wearing a shirt for his new team.

In the video, re-posted by Guilherme Cruz, you can see Teodoro walking with someone when Assahida approached. He then proceeded to assault Teodoro, striking him, and even pulling guillotine at one point.

Following the incident, Assahida took to Instagram to explain his outburst, in a video which is now private. Here, he would talk about the respect he demands from his students. After the incident, Teodoro went to the authorities and filed charges.

Another former student of Assahida, Anderson Silva, had some thoughts on the incident. During media day in Rio de Janerio, Silva spoke on the man who trained him for his championship bout against Rich Franklin. He expressed that while he had never had an issue with Assahida, it was unfortunate to see.

“it’s sad, because when you’re titled a master you have to give the example no matter if your student leaves the gym or not. If he continues or not. He has to follow his own path. The moment you open a gym, and you pass your knowledge forward, you can’t stop this student from creating his own path. Unfortunately, each person has his own views and opinions about it. It’s an unfortunate fact.”

Anderson Silva now trains with the likes of Rogerio Camoes, Luiz Dorea, and Ricardo De La Riva. He has an upcoming bout with Jared Cannonier, at UFC 237 in Brazil.

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2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Anderson Silva Condems Former Coach For Attacking Ex-Student”

  1. That was an absolute assault by Assahida and he should be arrested. Just sickening to see that he calls himself a master. I would never send anyone to a sick teacher like that! This behavior can’t be condone or justified! I believe the major of masters and teachers of the art will want nothing to do with him and this kind of behavior.

  2. Here is Guilherme Cruz “@guicruzzz” Twitter statement translated from Portuguese to English.

    “Coach Diogenes Assahida boasts of assaulting an ex-student who, according to him, would have spoken ill of him after switching teams – and having walked past his gym wearing a shirt from the other team. For him, he deserved the assault. Unfortunate”
    So, Assahida knows that his students will speak negatively about his teaching methods…so he must hold a hammer over his students to keep them from leaving him and or attack them if they do to punish them without evidence. Again, Assahida separates his former student from his friend and the former student respectfully followed Assahida to have some kind of discussion and then is attack. Who is the the disrespectful individual here? Who is the real coward to strike someone without warning. It appears that the former student held his own which makes to teacher obsolete and has nothing else to teach this student. Good for this student to make the decision to leave!


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