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Eddie Alvarez Lashes Out on Boxers Calling Out MMA Fighters

MMA veteran and future hall of famer Eddie Alvarez lashed out on social media against boxers who keep calling out MMA fighters in the ring

Eddie Alvarez Lashes Out on Boxers Calling Out MMA Fighters

Eddie Alvarez is tired of boxers calling out MMA fighters to boxing matches, especially if they aren’t winning, to return the favor and step inside an MMA cage. 

Alvarez has a long and decorated career in mixed martial arts. As a former champion in both Bellator and the UFC, fans respect Eddie for his contributions to the sport, as well as his opinions.

Alvarez Lashes Out on Boxers Calling Out MMA Fighters

Recently, Eddie took to social media to blast the ongoing trend of boxers calling out MMA fighters inside the boxing ring. In the eyes of many, lower-level boxers are only calling out MMA fighters to secure a payday against a household name to the MMA community. However, Alvarez is tired of boxers believe that they’re the superior fighters. 

“We fight in rings,cages, circles, and mats … Anywhere is just fine for us… But We Really Fight !!! If you let 10 boxers out in a cell and 10 MMA fighters Whose gonna live and whose gonna Die … (the) case (is) closed . Take your gloves and shoes and shove them Up Your A** !!,” wrote Eddie.

Alvarez vs De La Hoya

Ironically enough, Alvarez spoke about wanting to fight boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya in the past. In April, Alvarez revealed how a deal to fight De La Hoya was close to being made. 

“There’s serious talks. They’re serious like ‘wanting to get a deal done this week’ serious,” Alvarez said,

“That’d be a hell of a fight and I’ve got everyone here in Philadelphia backing me, and the whole Philadelphia boxing (community) to back me up. Getting in there to mix it up with that guy would be a dream come true. I actually think I’d do pretty damn good against him. I’d be crazy excited about that if them guys figure that out.”

Do fans agree with the stance of Alvarez when it comes to boxers and MMA fighter’s competition against each other? Or, do fans welcome the idea of these crazy crossover fights continuing to happen?

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