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All of humanity continues to crumble with the latest ‘Slow & Hot’ with Brittney Palmer

All of humanity continues to crumble with the latest ‘Slow & Hot’ with Brittney Palmer

Personally, I’m not one for hyperbole, but there are times when something is just so out there that I find myself falling deeper and deeper into the well that is nearly impossible to pull myself out of. Fox Sports and Brittney Palmer’s “Slow & Hot” is one of those situations where I can’t seem to wrap my head around it and find myself just wondering why. Why would anyone need to use an expensive camera to film something so mundane? Why bother filming something that is trying to be alluring and erotic while making sure to tow the line and not be too revealing?

Seriously, it’s a video on the internet, the internet that nudity and porn is a simple click away. Hell, more revealing photos of Brittney Palmer are even available for someone who is really into their UFC ring card girls. I don’t know. This latest episode of “Slow & Hot” sees Brittney Palmer in a bikini on the beach letting sand drain from her hands in slow motion. She’s kind of just standing there. There is no jiggling, no bouncing, no jumping, just interspersed shots of Brendan Schaub hitting waterballoons in slow motion.

I don’t know, but then again, I’m sure someone out there really enjoys this series and will find a reason to embrace it and thumb their noses at those who find this to not really be in bad taste, but just confusingly awkward.

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