Alistair Overeem shares his limited knowledge of Texas, and promises a first round KO this weekend

Before all you keyboard warriors mount your laptop in order to create the next controversy, just realize that Alistair Overeem was only quoting a really popular line from ‘Blazing Saddles.’ We don’t need your political correctness today. We already know that you can lie about sending a picture of your ‘unit’ to someone over the phone, but if you lie about a war, it’s alright. That was from Joe Rogan, and he didn’t use ‘unit.’

I’ve been in Dallas for a couple days now and have been unable to attend any of the Strikeforce press events. It’s just entirely too hot to think, therefore I was unable to ask for directions to the press conference today. I hibernated inside my air-conditioned room and unsuccessfully tried to jail break my iPhone. That’s right, I was unsuccessful at trying. If I only I had the brain cells to attend the event, I could have seen this interview conducted by Studio MMA take place in real-time.

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