MMA Rundown

Albert “Einstein” Tumenov Cashing Checks in St. Petersburgh

Proving that life after the UFC can sometimes be pretty sweet, Albert Tumenov knocked out TUF Brazil 3 contestant Ismael de Jesus at ABC 61.

For Tumenov, it’s a far cry from the stiff competition he was used to in the UFC. He is coming off consecutive losses to elite fighters in the welterweight division, first to current top ten 170er Gunnar Nelson, then a more surprising defeat at the hands of British prospect Leon Edwards. After these two setbacks, the UFC naturally used this as a chance to low ball the new free agent.

Tumenov signed with Absolute Combat Berkut after he called the contract offer from the UFC “unacceptable”. Today was is debut fight for ABC.


Getting paid better to knock out easier opponents faster. That my friends is how you do MMA career management properly. Look for Tumenov to contend for the ACB welterweight championship within the year. Raking in rubles, hand over fist, and driving German sports cars gifted from regional dictators, laughing as he thinks about the $20K/$20K contract the sent to him last year.

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