A Lesson in Street MMA: KO your rival into mud, skip post-fight promo, and speed away in your car

Apparently if you drive along the English countryside long enough you will eventually run into a bare knuckle street MMA bout. In England the rain soaked climate is not an ideal breeding ground for random acts of MMA fighting. If you find yourself in a Street MMA situation across the pond make sure you packed the proper footwear.

Also, if you knock down your opponent into a puddle of mud it is customary to soccer kick him in the side of the head.

From England we have a bare knuckle clinch battle that began with a drive-by from the cameraman. After a battle for position it time for both Brits to swing as hard as they possibly can with no regard for defending their own chins. Somebody watch out for that huge puddle of mud festering right over there! Circle out! Remember your training or how intoxicated you currently are!!!

No post-fight interview? Speed away in the backseat of your friend’s car with no shirt on? Ok, then.

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